RVRC of NUS to Karo.

A team.of 14 from Ridgeview Resident College or RVRC of National University of Singapore had their 6 days expedition at the Reforest site of Tahura, North Sumatra. This is continuation of Project Tembesu which was started in September. The project is collaboration between Singaporeans and local community of Karo to reforest degraded parts of the TAHURA which is part of Gunung Leuser National Park. So far more than 2000 trees will be committed to this program. About 30;000 trees are needed to rejuvenate areas that were damaged by loggings.

The team had a wonderful experience interacting with our ground partners who are residents of the community. Check out these incredible photos to know about the sites and activities that can be done there. You can also join the effort to rejivenate this forest and learn about the culture and tradition of the highland’s people of Karo.

Arriving at Camp Arifin, Tahura
Introduction to the forest
Preparing saplings for propagation
Planting saplings at degraded areas
Planting site- Project Tembesu
Campsite area with tall pine trees and misty clouds
Dining area.
Learning about bee keeping
Clean up activity at the trail area
With Team RVRC and ground crew of Tahura.