NUSMS onboard to assist in the development of buffer zone community.

Nature For Change (NFC), our ground project in Timbang Lawan received a new group of inspiring youth from Singapore. Undergrads from National University of Singapore Muslim Society spent 11 days in the village and the surrounding forest. Beside planting saplings at the buffer zone, they helped to construct 2 toilets for needy families in the […]

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SOTA goes Sumatra and Lombok

In May 2016, 2 groups of SOTA visited the pristine forest of Sumatra while another batch of students, went to the cool project site of the highlands of Lombok. The Sumatran groups planted saplings of native fruit trees and engaging the local youth of Timbang Lawan village with fun and educational activities. They also painted […]

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Recce 2- North Sumatra

On the 19th of March 2016, 4 teachers from SOTA arrived at the village of Timbang Lawan, district of Bohorok, Sumatra. This assessment trip was to prepare and familiarise the teachers with the project of Nature for Change(NFC) and to get to know the community and crew. They were joined by 2 members of Singapore’s […]

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2016 Recce in Lombok.

2016 season has begun. We hosted 2 teachers from the School of The Arts at our newest project site in East Lombok. The project is situated at 1500m above sea level and is near to the getaway to theā€¦ Source: 2016 Recce in Lombok.

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