Endangered Species Day.

Today is Endangered Species Day.

Since 2012, i have been involved with protection and conservation (a small role :)) of this wonderful species called Orang Utan.Sharing almost similar DNA to us, human, i was awestruck when i first managed to catch a glimpse of this creature in the wild.It is so much like us humans

The idea that humans must accept the reality that we have to share the space with other species got stronger that in 2015, Nature For Change was formed to reduce the human animal conflicts happening at the bufferzone of the national park.

This photo is really meanigful to us and the community. This huge male Orang Utan was seen loitering at our Planting site 7 where we are trying to create a fruit trees forest for other species of the forest.

Many people have supported us from the beginning and many more will join in future to come.

Thank you to All.

You can be a part of the changes. Contact us for more infos.

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