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Feel free to contact us for a friendly discussion. We would like to hear from you and assist in whatever we can to make your trip a worthwhile and memorable one.

Tel : +65 91455649


4 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Dear sir, so nice have to watch you on TV, and with the help of the Internet (information Super highway).it was quite easy to find you.
    I am very touched by what you have done, and by reading through your profile on linkin, I also know you had worked for Mercy Relief. I volunteered for them during early 2004 to late 2004.

    Oh a bit about myself, I lead expeditions, bringing University a Students,to built school in the country side of 3rd world countries, Cambodia(16 schools) since 2001, visiting 44 times,Nepal(1 school in 2009), rebuilt it after the earthquake last April. Been there 11 times.
    And many many more.

    However, I had stopped traveling very often, like before. As I am wheel chair bound, declared physically disabled by specialist dr.
    Kudos, of what you are doing. Let’s keep in contact, I am finishing my book, discover Cambodia, Muslim backpacking.
    Book specially written for Muslims, I will pass you a copy. I am Chinese, I when I travelled to Cambodia to do the research, I am writing a Muslim book, in a Buddhist country and I am Catholic.

    I hope to hear from you soon, sure we got things to exchange, i mean words.
    Thanks for reading. I leave you with my favorite words,
    ” Coummunity Service Comes from our heart,
    And from hearts,
    Let’s reach out,
    To touch the Hearts of others.”

    Alex Nyew
    Founder Outdoor Classroom

  2. Hi,

    We are planning to visit aetas this Nov 19 to meet them and gives something before christmas and we would like to request assistance how to go there. What is the exact address so we can get hotel nearby. Thank you.


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