Students sowed the seeds of wisdom

Medan- After 13 days spending time in the forest of Leuser National Park, Sumatra, Students of SOTA finally reached Medan in their final leg of their journey to acquire knowledge of biodiversity and appreciating nature.With minimal necessities available and within reach, students were pushed to their limits in being versatile and flexible in adapting to […]

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Gunung Leuser National Park

Gunung Leuser National Park is a national park covering 7,927 kmĀ² in northern Sumatra, Indonesia, straddling the border of North Sumatra and Aceh provinces.[1] The national park, named after Mount Leuser (3,381 m), protects a wide range of ecosystems. An orangutan sanctuary of Bukit Lawang is located inside the park. Together with Bukit Barisan Selatan […]

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Welcome to IUVA

Company Profile IUVA is a socially responsible international educational service provider that enlists youth or young adult groups for provision of services to under privileged populations in Asia region. It is the goal of IUVA to partner student and professional teams with community service opportunities in developing countries. IUVA is made up of a group […]

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