•  Community preserving its ecological environment
  • Conservation and Preservation awareness presentations to the community
  • Reforestation of Indigenous flora species

Global climate changes have caused considerable effects on the livelihood of fishermen.
This phenomenon was exacerbated by the destruction of mangrove forest, the unique breeding ground of fishes.
Realizing the tremendous change in the quantity of their catches, small pockets of community living by the coastal line decided to do something to stop the declining source of their livelihood.
Women in the committee banded together and set up small nursery to propagate mangrove saplings.
Through their persistence and support from donors, their project grew in strength.
Now the project provides additional income to the community.
We can help them to change their lives.

Multitude of species strive in the great forest of Sumatra and Philippines. But each passing day, more areas are being encroached and destroyed by illegal logging and oil palm plantations. We are losing many species too. Many efforts are done to preserve and conserve whats little that are left from the destruction. Organizations and agencies are working hard to collate data and specimens to be used as references to the future generations. You can help this effort by joining forces to conserve and preserve the legacy.

7 thoughts on “Conservation

  1. Hii we have a organization which with conversation of environment in our areas so will you offer use trenning so of mangrove planting we are in Zanzibar at chake chake Pemba +225+778519008

  2. Hi tahar
    I’ve travelled widely at Indonesia especially kalimantan. Very impressed with your kind effort to help the less fortunate. Like to help in introducing a social entrepreneurship programme to villages and individual with expertise skills especially on livestock, lifelihood and food source. Do you have existing programme. Thank you michael

    1. Hi Michael
      Thank you for the kind words.
      Yes we are still engaging communities through various conservation and empowerment programs.
      You may want to write to us : to know about our on going projects and activities.
      Thank you.

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