Today Project NFC is 3.

Today marks 3 years of our commitment to the project. Over the years the project has grown steadily, just like the 4500 saplings that we have planted.

The project aims to raise awareness among the landowners at the bufferzone, areas between the national park and human habitat, to respect the biodiversity of the area. We encourage the farmers to accept the animals especially Orang Utans as part of the ecosystem and not as pest. We hope to develop a harmonious forest where they will be no conflict between men and animals.

The project aims to plant as many fruit trees on the rubber plantations. This will give additional income to farmers and also food for the animals. Since each farm has more than 100 fruit trees it will create abundant of food for the animals and it will promote sharing. We want to change the mindset of the community that animals are not greedy or parasites but are part of nature that they have trespassed.

On this day we continue to commit ourselves to this idea that there can be a harmonious space exists if men changed their perspective about nature.

Thank you for your generous and continuous support to this project.

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