Project Capstone Lombok-2017

17 students and 2 teachers from Nanyang Girls High School (Singapore) traveled to Lombok for their signature program, Project Capstone.

The group joined community from Labuan Pandan, east Lombok to plant and propagates mangrove and also constructing 8 platforms for the coral restoration project. This Habitat Restoration Project took place on a small island off the village. After 3 days on the island, the group has planted more than 700 propagules and placing the platforms on the sea bed. They also helped to prepare a mangrove nursery with 1350 seedlings picked from a nearby mangrove forest.

The group had a fabulous time engaging the locals through English Conversational Program and also assisting in the community’s Waste Management Program.

Then they visited the mountain village of Sembalun for the second phase of the program. Here they assisted in planting saplings on the slope of Mt Rinjani. 750 saplings were planted in half a day and they enjoyed the cool mountain air snd its scenery.

Due to the eruption of Mt Agong in Bali, a management decision by the school required an evacuation of the team earlier than the planned date. But the group has a good time learning the culture and tradition of Sasak Tribe shared by the community of Sembalun.

We hope that the youth will find their time in Lombok, a memorable and life changing experience.

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