Project Peduli By Majulah.IUVA and NFC support.

Majulah Community is a local community initiative project to promote resilient youth inspired to do more for community and environment. Project Leuser is a part of the Project Peduli which they have set up as an outreach program for youth.

IUVA with its green project, Nature For Change, seems to be a good partnership in promoting green awareness and conservation projects. NFC project at the Leuser Ecosystem provides an excellent opportunity for youth to understand the challenges and determination needed to protect and ensure that environment and species are protected. They helped the crew to plant saplings and for the first time, together with the staff of NFC to dislodge palm oil trees from a newly acquired land that will be used as a new planting ground for the project. They also experienced local hospitality from the villagers and learnt how to dance a traditional Batak dance.

We hope that this collaboration between Majulah, NFC and the villagers of Timbang Lawan will continue for many years to come.

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