NUSMS onboard to assist in the development of buffer zone community.

Nature For Change (NFC), our ground project in Timbang Lawan received a new group of inspiring youth from Singapore. Undergrads from National University of Singapore Muslim Society spent 11 days in the village and the surrounding forest. Beside planting saplings at the buffer zone, they helped to construct 2 toilets for needy families in the village. They had engagement program with students from nearby madrasah and donated to building of school’s library for the madrasah.

Many of the youth had their first experience camping in the forest and enjoying the cool stream as their daily shower area. They also had their moment with the local buffalo when they tried to plough paddy field. After spending memorable memories with their local hosts, they spent their last 3 days at Lake Toba, the iconic Batak highlands.

We would like to thank NUSMS for giving their support to our humble project. Hope to see you again in other opportunity.

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