SOTA goes Sumatra and Lombok

In May 2016, 2 groups of SOTA visited the pristine forest of Sumatra while another batch of students, went to the cool project site of the highlands of Lombok.

The Sumatran groups planted saplings of native fruit trees and engaging the local youth of Timbang Lawan village with fun and educational activities. They also painted the vermillion colored education centre with colourful colors and eye catching painting.  They were rewarded with rare opportunity to meet with the Orang Utans as they trekked into the forest of Gunung Leuser National Park.

The cool mountain air of Sembalun that sits at 1700m above sea level was a much relief for the group. They helped in the rehabilitation of the Sasak’s Traditional Huts in the village. playing with mud and learning to weave bamboo strips, the youth enjoyed their activities with much pleasure and excitement. They were introduced to the famous tenun weaving of the Sasak and gets an opportunity to learn from the maestro on how to play the traditional gamelan.

13244695_10153683539007799_7146240454506832064_n 13254397_10153675728642799_3894914091955416698_n 13260120_1727681224181086_2571037369939434567_n 13260222_1728974220718453_1318258951744577492_n 13263922_10153680939777799_8610455377758524624_n 13265844_1728731487409393_1026154320733454623_n 13266057_1728974240718451_8970809936815770020_n 13307275_10153678990362799_8307001307174047891_n 13307447_10153686997627799_48227124359276343_n 13312665_777166979050420_1419649156457082615_n 13315333_777167002383751_8572215684222971147_n 13325545_10153685505837799_3168128147039828042_n (1)

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