School of The Arts-Philippines AETA Immersion Program

School of The Arts GPS YEP
AETA Immersion Program, Students’ Lead Program and Community Engagement Program in Manila from 24/5 to 7/6/2014.
Communities engaged -07
– St Juliana
– St Alunan
– St Sitkilet
– St Malabatay
– St Dorai
– St Maporac
– Bgy BSL
– Baseco

Projects/ Activities
– AETA Community engagement in Tarlac and Zambales
– Construction of Herbal Plants Nursery in Maporoc
– Refurbishing and cataloging of community library in Maporac
– Documentation of community’s lifestyle and culture in Tarlac and Maporac
– Engagement with the community’s Cultural night by cooking for the villlagers in Maporac
– Visited and learned about weaving recycled plastic to iteMS from community of BASECO
– Cultural night and youth workshop with BSYF

IMG_7394 IMG_7418 IMG_7452 IMG_7491 IMG_7512 IMG_7527 IMG_7534 IMG_7547 IMG_7582 IMG_7633 IMG_7654 IMG_7658 IMG_7696 IMG_7758 IMG_7773 IMG_7822 IMG_8194 IMG_8550 IMG_8501 IMG_8296 IMG_8241 IMG_8647 IMG_8659 IMG_8936 IMG_9061 IMG_9062 IMG_9101 IMG_9122 IMG_9132IMG_7394

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