IUVA supports Rumah Baca Bakau

Singapore- It was late night when the prompt in FB shared an appeal from Ismail. This young man from Medan was inspired to alleviate the education status of children living at the coastal of Deli Serdang, village of Percut.

It reminds me of my experience visiting one of the fishing village of Belawan. It was a depressing sight. There were many children playing at a small area of sand whom many were not attending school. Poverty is a vicious cycle. Many of the families bring home about $3 per day. That is enough to bring some food on the table and nothing else. How much did we spend at McD for a single meal?They kept themselves busy by playing at wherever spaces available even in the tard black smelly mud. There is nothing much to engage them. A presence of a learning centre in such environment to engage the children would really help to break that ugly cycle and to a certain extend promising a better future to some of them.

I was inspired to lend a hand to this young man. An appeal for generous contribution was held in Facebook. It was heartwarming that handful of noble samaritans shared the same vision of giving these children a chance for a better future. Generous contributions came pouring in. Up to date, $1775 has been raised and some are still contemplating to join in this small assistance to RBB.Due to request from some, the collection is extended to 3rd of August. The funds will be used by RBB to purchase educational materials, stationaries abd some teaching aids that will be used by volunteers to teach the children. Excess from this contributions will be given out as bursary to needy and deserving students to continue their studies. Currently RBB is engaging 50 children ranging from preschool age up to junior high school.

IUVA is supporting this noble cause and hopes to continue engaging RBB in its activities. End.






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