The other face of Cameron Highlands.

Among the lush greenery of farmlands and tea plantations, Cameron Highlands(CH)is actually a paradise in danger of extinction. Over the years, inefficient management of its natural resources and lack of awareness and appreciation of its rich biodiversity, has caused many of its unique species both flora and fauna are at its near expiration to exist.
‘We used to have the forest right to the edge of this road’,lamenting Dr Liao, who has been a strong advocate of Conservation and Protection of CH’s biodiversity for the past 30 years. As we sat at the restaurant at the main town of Tanah Rata, he remembered how the town moved slowly with its everyday chores. He operates a clinic and during his spare time after his closing his clinic, he would be roaming around in the small pockets of forest found around the area with his friends like Mr Embi and Mr Amran. All have dedicated their passion about the preserving the ecology of the area by setting up REACH, Regional Environmental Awareness Cameron Highlands, an NGO that fights to protect the unique biodiversity of CH.
REACH engages companies, schools and public to play a bigger role in protecting and conserving the environment. Programs like reforestation and recycling of waste are strongly advocated among its huge supporters and volunteers.
IUVA was fortunate to meet up with members of this respected organisation over the weekend and joined in its activities. IUVA supports REACH in its mission and call upon fellow citizens to join in the efforts in protecting one of Singaporeans favorite holiday spot.

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