IUVA supports Rumah Baca Bakau

Singapore- It was late night when the prompt in FB shared an appeal from Ismail. This young man from Medan was inspired to alleviate the education status of children living at the coastal of Deli Serdang, village of Percut. It reminds me of my experience visiting one of the fishing village of Belawan. It was […]

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IUVA welcomes Panut

Singapore-OIC’s Founding Director, Mr Panut Hadisiswoyo made a stopover in the Lion City after spending a week of seminar and giving talks in Taiwan. Although this was not his first trip to Singapore, it was his first visit to places such as Newater processing plant and Marina Barrage. He was amazed by the initiative of […]

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The other face of Cameron Highlands.

Among the lush greenery of farmlands and tea plantations, Cameron Highlands(CH)is actually a paradise in danger of extinction. Over the years, inefficient management of its natural resources and lack of awareness and appreciation of its rich biodiversity, has caused many of its unique species both flora and fauna are at its near expiration to exist. […]

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