Students ready to toil the soil at Basitang

Singapore: In a weeks time, reforestation program at Basitang will kickstart SOTA’s Biodiversity project in North Sumatra. 13 of its students will make the forest of Gunung Leuser National Park (GLNP) as their home for 13 days as part of its Conservation of Orangutan and Preservation of Forest of GLNP. Their first main objective of this project is to plant 500 saplings of indigenous species of trees found in this magnificent park. They will learn to identify these common species and collect its seeds from the mother trees. Working hand in hand with the local community who lives on the fringe of the forest, students will also learn on how to cultivate and propagate these seedlings in a nursery built by the community. They will also conduct interviews and documenting data surveys that will be useful for the local NGO, Orangutan Information Centre which is engaging the community .
In the recent briefing, students had started planning for environmental art workshop for selected school near the park. All the necessary gears for the trip have been issued to them.Glowing with enthusiasm, they are counting days to the actual trip which is on the 20th of May. In the forest of Basitang, they will celebrate UN Biodiversity Day with the planting of saplings on reclaimed patch of forest, confiscated from the clutches of illegal Palm Oil company. The mission ends on the 3rd of June after finishing two more community service projects at Timbang Lawan and Bukit lawang. IUVA advance party will be on the ground to prepare the group’s arrival from 15th of May. (IUVA Management)

Bed wviewith a
Basic accommodation in Basitang. Cabin is located in the forested area.

Cabin at night
02 storeys cabin with basic amenities.
Just the sounds of the forest as companion.

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