School of The Arts – Conservation and Reforestation Project

We are proud to be the facilitator and organizer for 13 students and 2 teachers from SOTA for its community service project in the forest of Gunung Leuser National Park (GLNP).
The park which hosted unique species of flora and fauna is also home to the magnificent Orang Utan of Sumatra. With its habitat in danger of continuous destruction, it is in the brink of extinction. The group will participate in the reforestation of forest area which was recaptured back from exploitation and encroachment. Villagers living on the fringe of the forest will share their knowledge of the jungle and together with the group partake in its activities.
The group will be living with the community in our Homestay Program. There, they will witness and join in the daily activities on the villagers as they eke a living as farmers on a paddy field, rubber and palm sugar plantations. They will also trek into the forest to witness wild orang utan in its natural habitat.
The project will be guided by professional guides and it will provide additional income to the communities living on the fringe of the forest.
The trip will be in May/June period.

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