NUSFASS assessment visit to Sembalun.

National University of Singapore, Faculty of Arts and Social Science Recce Team visited Sembalun to survey schools and project sites for their upcoming YEP program this coming summer. The team experiences the local’s hospitality and culture and was impressed by it. The team will be conducting English and Mandarin classes in schools and also for […]

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Today Project NFC is 3.

Today marks 3 years of our commitment to the project. Over the years the project has grown steadily, just like the 4500 saplings that we have planted. The project aims to raise awareness among the landowners at the bufferzone, areas between the national park and human habitat, to respect the biodiversity of the area. We […]

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IUVA Global sharing session

IUVA Global will be sharing with youth in an event organised by NYC Youthcorp on the 14th April 2018. The event will be attended by members of Youth Corp SG. IUVA Global will share about our projects and activities done in Indonesia. Our experiences in facilitating YEP groups stretches from 2012. We have projects in […]

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NUSMS ASA Reach Recce in Lombok.

A 3 men team visited our Project Crest sites in Lombok this February. They are keen to know more about the project and how they can contribute to the expansion of the project in 2018. They were given first hand introduction to the challenges of the project by our partners in Labuan Pandan and Sembalun. […]

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